Cedric Cannon a wonderfully stately and imposing Pish-Tush
                                                         James R. Oestrich, New York Times

The hit song "My Dahomey Queen" is lovingly sung  by Menuki to Shirley Verrett's Ayat.
​                                                         David Lipfert, Curtain up

As the Pirate King Cedric Cannon brought to the role a fine baritone voice and a swashbuckling presence.
                                                         Florence Fisher, Sarasota Herald Tribune

Cedric D. Cannon as a Governor and Innkeeper with presence and a sense of humor.
                                                         Terry Morris, Dayton Daily News

Cannon seems born to the stage, complementing his warm, supple voice with an actors stagecraft. In "I Got Plenty O Nothing" and especially "It Ain't Necessarily So", he brought vitality of the opera stage to a few square feet of space. He is a show stopper who seems to feed on his audiences energy.
                                                        Milton Moore, The Day, New London CT

Cedric Cannon made a superb Porgy, enthralling the audience with his sexy, deep voice and his charismatic delivery of "I Got Plenty O Nuttin".
                                                      Norwich, Eastern Daily Press, Great Britain

From the moment he entered, kneeling on a small trolly, Cedric Cannon, a big handsome man with a big voice was compelling. He also met the physical demands of performing for three hours on his knees. He sang the big numbers "I've Got Plenty O Nuttin" and "Bess, You is My Woman Now" affectingly.
                                                     Buxton, Manchester Evening News, Great Britain

The role of Porgy, who delivers his entire performance from his knees or on a trolly, represents a feat of endurance, Cedric Cannon's richly  resonant performance carves out a Porgy which is at once vulnerable, noble, determined and heartfelt. From the moving duet "Bess You is My Woman Now" to the tragic "Where's My Bess?" to the hopeful "I'm On My Way", Cannon has created a poignant Porgy of great emotion and strength.
                                                    Sydney Stage, Australia

​Cedric Cannon's warm baritone infuses the role with a glow, and he and La-Rose Saxon (Bess) light up "Bess You is My Woman Now"
                                                   The Sydney Morning Herald

​Soprano Young and Cannon, both award winning recitalists and opera singers, and both possessors of magnificent vocal instruments were assisted by the Symphony Chorale in singing seven selections from "Porgy and Bess".
                                                  Sterling Adams, Savannah News

Cannon sings Porgy, his thoughtful, interior Porgy is one of the best I've seen.
                                                Rodney Miller, The London Times

With powerful voice and presence, Cedric Cannon commanded the part of the drug and testosterone fueled Crown.
                                               Atlanta Journal Constitution

Cedric Cannon with a dark baritone voice was positively menacing not only to Bess, but to the audience as well.
​                                              Jeffrey Kaczmareczyk, Grand Rapids Press

Cedric Cannonis equally at home on the operatic, theater, musical theater and concert stages. Cedric recently appeared as Steve in Florida Studio Theaters production  of Will Sniders "How to Use a Knife". This past summer he was John Prentice Sr. in the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theaters production of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" and  he was Mr. Robinson in "Sweetee" at the Signature Theater in New York City. Since his professional concert debut with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, he has appeared  with the Israel Kibbutz Orchestra, The Filarmonica De Montevideo, The Illinios Philharmonic, The Dayton Philharmonic, The Polish Radio Orchestra, Santa Rosa, Springfield, Eastern Connecticut, Saskatoon, Reykjavek Symphonies, The White Nights Festival in Moscow and he made his Carnegie debut as a soloist with The New York Choral Society. He has sung with the Metropolitan, New York City, Houston Grand, Edmonton, Carolina, Amarillo, Grand Rapids, Oakland, New Orleans, San Francisco Pocket, and Frankfurt Opera companies. Cedric performed as Old Deuteronomy in the Hamburg company of "Cats" and as Husky Miller on a European tour of "Carmen Jones". On Broadway as Sir Sagramore in "Camelot" with RobertGoulet. Off-Broadway: Billy Bounce in Leroy Jenkin's "Three Willies", Hamilton Lightfoot/Menuki in "In Dahomey" at The New Federal Theater, The Pirate King in "The Pirates of Penzance", and Pish-Tush in "The Mikado" with NYGAS, G-D in Paul Dick's "Moses My Love". "Godess" at The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, "Divided" in concert at 54 Below in New York City. National Tours of Man of La Mancha, Camelot, Porgy and Bess, Pirates of Penzance and The Mikado. Cedric's film and television credits include Blind, Good Funk, The Slap, Moon and Sun, Old 37, Viral Demon, Know your Logic, Jon Benjamin Has a Van, Raw Nerve, Cosby, All My Children, Another World, As the World Turns, OZ, Law and Order, The School of Rock and several national television commercial spots.